Vern '60 Fender Strat  '61 Fender Strat '64 Fender Strat
Custom Shop Strat I played with Toto '62 Strat W/ Darrin Hammon Refin.
back to Original See-through Blonde
'56 Fender Strat
Fender Custom Shop Strat
All original 1965
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop Strat used on
the last several European Tours
Darrin Hammon Tele #3 1974 Stratocaster  Fender Custom Shop Precision Bass   
Gibson Historic '59 2002 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Gibson Historic '59
1968 Gibson 345  1976 Gibson 335 - My 1st good guitar!   '69 Gibson J-45
'64 Gibson Country Western Model Airline Acoustic with Darrin Hammon
Fret job and neck reset
 Early '30's 14 fret National
2 Fender Deluxe amps. Both are from the '60's    Ernie Ball Strings & some of my picks!
Stomp boxes. An old Univox Univibe, some Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces, lots of Ibanez Sonic Distortions, some old Thomas Organ Cry Baby pedals. Picks & slides & capos, oh my! My U.S. Pedal Board. Boss TU-2 Tuner, Ibanez SD-9, Fuzz Tool, Tony's Bender Tool, old Vox Wah pedal, Power supply and a Vibe Tool (Univibe Clone).

Thanks to Paul Lenders and Ad Vandongen at Guitarsystems. The Vibe tool sounds exactly like my real Univibe. That is a major accomplishment! Believe me, I have tried all of the other pedals out there and this one NAILS the sound! It also has a cool advantage over my real Univibe; an added TMF control to roll out some of the low end that sometimes gets in the way of a clear tone and also, my new Tony's Bender Tool. This is how I get the cool feedback and sustain on my latest CD and at the live gigs. Makes my tiny Fender amp scream like Jimi's Marshall amp!!! I could not get those sounds without that pedal! I LOVE it!!!!
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