Outstanding, tenth solo disc by this excellent Blues/Rock Axeslinger  from Jonesboro, Arkansas featuring 12 tracks of awesome, dynamic, soul-powered, retrofied, blues-based guitar rock mojo that lands solid with endless amounts of musical strength, depth and maturity. From start to finish, "Love Is the Answer" is an essential, highly enjoyable, way-kool, Tony Spinner disc on Grooveyard Records that rocks the blues and shines bright with talent & excellence.

Tony Spinner is an authentic, legit, modern day guitar hero who speaks the six string truth; a bonafide, all natural "Old School" guitar rocker with soulful vocals who is heavily inspired and influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Billy Gibbons and a host of countless other excellent classic guitarists who wrote the book of rock. Having recorded and toured for many years with TOTO, Paul Gilbert & Pat Travers to  name a few, Tony Spinner is a seasoned, world-class, professional musician who was born to rock & has devoted his life to musical passion.

Despite the troubled world we live in today, Tony Spinner has risen above to create & produce one of his strongest, most focused discs to date in the form of "Love Is The Answer" which sends out positive energy & vibe into the world with his music. Recorded in 2020 with his long-time rhythm section of Michel Mulder on bass and Alex Steier on drums from Holland who are both excellent, rock solid, seasoned musical brothers that lock in & lay down righteous grooves for Spinner to strut his good down home mojo. There is a ton of musical love, respect and admiration in the room which can be felt through the music on this disc. The true message from Tony Spinner is clear & pure like a warm summer breeze flowing through the air; the power of music universally brings us together and that ultimately "Love Is The Answer". - Joe Romagnola  • Grooveyard Records

Click here for audio samples, track listing and to purchase Tony's new release, "Love Is The Answer" directly from Grooveyard Records.

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Mega-awesome Budgie tribute disc featuring Janne Stark (Mountain of Power) on guitar and Tony Spinner (TOTO) on lead vocals & guitar. Both outstanding, seasoned hard rockers who blend kick-ass authenticity with true admiration & respect to re-create and shine a bright, modern day musical light on the brilliant, classic retro-70’s, heavy rock excellence of Budgie. The Bandolier Kings: “Welcome to the Zoom Club” disc is an amazing, outstanding musical document with an excellent group of killer special guests including original Budgie band members Tony Bourge & Steve Williams and also featuring a caast of bad-ass rockers from around the world who land on the mighty “Zoom Club” which includes  Bill Steer (Firebird), Mats Karlson (220 Volt), Ian Haugland (Europe), Kyoji Yamamoto (Bow Wow), John Gallagher (Raven), Don Mancuso (Black Sheep),   Peter Hermansson (220 Volt), Micke Nord Andersson, Jesper  Persson, Joe Romagnola (Grooveyard Records) & Darren Welch (Impeccable). Prepare to dig deep and rock your ass off with The Bandolier Kings at this essential, brain-damaging, killer Grooveyard Records heavy guitar rock disc that celebrates the awesome music of Budgie.

Look up Budgie in the dictionary and instead of a bird, the description should read, “The ultimate bad-ass heavy rock power trio.” Back in the day, (the glorious 70’s), I first heard Budgie being played on a kool local radio station called “WSAY” in Rochester, NY where I still reside today. From the second I heard the first killer heavy Budgie riff by Tony Bourge along with the incredible, powerful lead vocals of Burke Shelley, I was hooked forever. Budgie have their own unique, identifiable sound that is all their own and make no mistake: It is definitely all about the rock.

Budgie released seven phenomenal albums with Tony Bourge on guitar through the years (1971-1978) with the first two Budgie albums being produced by Rodger Bain who also produced albums by Black Sabbath & Judas Priest among others. Mr. Bourge is one of heavy rock’s finest & most memorable riffmasters. The epic Budgie riffage he created is classic & heavy and will live on eternally in the guitar rock hall of fame. Burke Shelley’s awesome, identifiable lead vocals and low end bottom kool bass playing land rock solid bad-ass to the core and the three powerhouse 70’s drummers of Budgie (Ray Phillips, Pete Boot and Steve Williams) all kicked serious rock n’ roll ass & laid down the heavy groove.

In producing Bandolier Kings: “Welcome to the Zoom Club” (A Tribute to Budgie), we decided to feature songs from the 70’s era (chapter one) Budgie. It was a difficult task selecting the songs to land since every Budgie song is killer. Clocking in at 77 minutes, we set out to produce a Budgie tribute album that shines a current day musical light on them and one that celebrates the awesomeness of their outstanding music. The chapter two era of Budgie saw John Thomas replace Tony Bourge on guitar in 1979 and the band produced and released four awesome albums with him. We are huge fans of John Thomas and the music he created with Budgie. We hope to produce a second Budgie tribute disc in the future featuring his excellent riffage, guitar playing and songs. May our good musical Budgie guitar rock brother John Thomas rest in peace.

The music of Budgie always landed dynamic, creative, melodic and awesome beyond belief. The band matured through the years and with each new album they produced an incredible legacy of heavy rock power trio music that stands tall and rocks forever. Bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Van Halen and Soundgarden have all covered Budgie songs through the years and I believe they would agree with my commentary about the greatness of Budgie along with the influence and inspiration their music has given heavy rockers around the globe. Budgie are true pioneers of the stoner rock movement. And of great personal note: Budgie is one of my all-time favorite bands and I can’t imagine a musical world without them and their incredible, timeless, classic heavy rock music.

In closing, I would like to send a very special thanks to Janne Stark for co-producing and for doing such an amazing, professional, rock solid job at this Budgie tribute disc. Janne is an awesome, prolific Swedish guitarist, producer and good musical brother of mine for many years. Many special thanks goes out to Tony Spinner for landing and doing such an outstanding job at the vocals and for laying down several killer guitar solos. Tony’s incredible dynamic vocal range combined with melodic soul-power lands legit with excellence & perfection throughout the disc. Of special note, we would like to send great amounts of deep thanks & appreciation to both Tony Bourge & Steve Williams for guesting & being part of our Budgie tribute disc. Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the excellent guest musicians from around the world who have joined the ranks of the “Bandolier Kings” to be part of this incredible musical document to celebrate and honor the legendary heavy rock music of Budgie.

Welcome To The Zoom Club • Joe Romagnola Grooveyard Records (November 2019)

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