Released in Japan on the WOWOW label on Dec. 23, 2015 Paul Gilbert's newest solo album, "I Can Destroy" was released in the USA on May 27, 2016 with world-class producer Kevin Shirley producing, and an astonishing band featuring Freddie Nelson and Tony Spinner on guitars and vocals, Kevin Chown on bass, and Thomas Lang on drums. Paul rocks with more power and emotion than ever before. Must-hear tracks are "Everybody Use Your God@%$ Turn Signal," "I Can Destroy," "Woman Stop," and "I Am Not the One (Who Wants To Be With You).

"Seriously, there are three guitar players on the album - Tony Spinner, Freddie Nelson and myself. So we could do lots of three-part guitar harmonies. It was great to have a big band so I didn't need to do overdubs. Tony and Freddie are also great singers, so we included lots of vocal harmonies, and whenever the bridge was too high for me, Tony would save the day..." - Paul Gilbert


Excerpts from June 2016 Guitar World Magazine

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All of my releases since and including Chicks & Guitars are still available from Grooveyard Records. You can also purchase lots of them and many others including "Earth Music For Aliens " at my live gigs! Come on out and hear us play some of my new songs as well as some of your old favorites!
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